VCB robot

If you’re looking for a Viral Content Buzz robot you’re in the right place, we’ve got it for you, just waiting to be used. It’s extremely easy to set and forget and you’ll always have credits in your account to socially promote everything you need to.

Let’s talk a little about social promotion and social signals as that’s the thing you need to know first. I could do a great job of telling you what you need to know about social signals and how important they are but I think you’ll understand it a lot better visually so here you go :

In case you did not know if before, I hope now you understand how important social signals are and how they can help you. Ok, I undersntad, but how do I do it? – you might say. Don’t worry, it’s really easy and takes under 2 minutes to do it. Set and forget and your articles will receive a lot of likes, stumbles, tweets and pins and will help your articles have a lot more reach.

First of all you will need to create an account at It’s really easy to do, just enter your details in the fields provided. What you need to know about these guys that differentiates them from other sites that do the same thing is that all submitted content is verified and approved by an editor, so you won’t be able to submit spammy, spun and bad content in general. This is mainly for your business and whitehat sites. The content you submit will need to be good and that’s a good thing, the better the content, the more shares and interactions you will get.

Ok, you’ve made an account and want to submit your great content but you need points. Here is where VCB Robot comes in. It’s a simple to set up and use tool, all you need to do is tell it your account credentials and start it and it will create points for you by sharing other people’s content. It’s a great way to exchange shares, you will have your own social sites always full with good content and also get your own content shared a lot more.

Here’s a look at VCB Robot :

VCB robot printscreen

VCB robot printscreen

As you can see from the image above it’s extremely easy to use, you will need to :

1. Enter your Virtual Content Buzz username and password

2. Enter you Pinterest account username and password

3. Select which platforms you want to share to, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebok. For Twitter and Facebook you will need to go online to your Virtual Content Buzz account and link them from there, we do not require your user/pass for those as they use their api.

4. Set how many shares you want to do each day and the delay interval between them.

5. Enter a proxy if you wish.

6. Press start and it will start making points for you to spend on your article.


As you can see above it did 408 pinterest shares for me ( as I only set it to do pinterest) and it made me 1632 points to use as I want with my new articles. Those are a lot of points considering you spend only 4 points per share, that’s around 400 shares for your article, completely on auto-pilot. Let me show you what I did with some of my points :

VCB shared articles

As you can see I’ve created 6 articles and placed them to be shared, each received around 10-15 shares on each of the social sites: Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon. Facebook, they still have points so they will continue to be shared over time and get even more exposure. All the articles were targeting long tail keywords and after sharing they reach the first page two on first place the others on places 2-4, bringing a lot more traffic over time. How easy was that and why shouldn’t you do it too?

As you saw from the image above I was only using Pinterest on that account, I advise you to use Facebook and Twitter too, they’re extremely easy to set up and you will get a lot more points to spend on your articles. Keep in mind that the Virtual Content Buzz guys only accept good standing accounts so that means that you won’t be able to create a new account and put it there as they won’t accept it, you will need to use good older accounts that have some interaction/friends/followers in them. This is great though as the quality is high and you will get shares only on great accounts. For the above articles I got a lot of tweets on accounts with 10k-40k followers, a lot of shares on Facebook pages that had a few thousand followers each , and that’s great, how much would you have paid for that alone? Well, now you can get it for free!

Are you sold already? Have I made you aware of how much you need this and how much it will help you with you own business? Hope so, as it’s a great tool and a great thing to do with all the amazing content you publish on your site. And it’s beyond affordable, it’s actually almost free!

Get this amazing tool at the low low loooow price of $27 lifetime, wait no, let me do you one better, for a limited time only I’ll let it go at $10. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s lifetime. You get the tool you can use it as long as it works. You will have 6 months of free updates and support from us. If you need to update it after that period you’ll have to re-purchase it, but I do believe you will make at least $1000 times more by using it than what you pay for it, so it’s quite a no-brainer, get it now!

After making the payment you will receive an email with your details, where to download the software and how to use it. In case you did not receive the email just contact us and we’ll look into it.